This smart wok can cook up stir fry meals while you’re away

By Chen Shen, Special to Boston Business Journal

A recent graduate from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute has developed a computer-controlled wok that can whip up stir fry meals on its own.

While the Smartwok is still in the very early stages of development, Worcester Polytechnic Institute graduate Hanlin Hong demonstrated how the connected device could work at the MIT China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum this fall.

Customers could input ingredients and program a recipe remotely by using a mobile app, which would communicate to the wok, Hong said. The wok could then cook on its own, and customers could come home to already prepared meals.

Hong said he is also planning to sell ready-to-cook packages to consumers who buy the wok.

The Smartwok is demonstrative of the larger trend toward connecting objects (including appliances and cookware) to the Internet, a technological phenomenon that’s commonly referred to as the Internet of Things.

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