Watch Harvard Students Hack for Education

By Chen Shen, Special to Boston Business Journal

It’s hackathon season in Boston.

Two weeks after the renowned 24-hour HackMIT, an education-related hackathon was held at Harvard Graduate School of Education last weekend. About 50 hand-picked students worked with 12 mentors from Google, EdX and Harvard University to combat three different educational challenges with technology tools.

As co-sponsor of this event, Google, Harvard and EdX each pitched a challenge for the participants. EdX put out a challenge for mobile learning. Google put out a challenge on classroom administration of students’ digital devices. Harvard Graduate School of Education, as the host of this event, called for solutions to bring more diversity in learning environments.

The hackathon started on Friday, Oct. 17 and ended on Sunday, Oct. 19 with a demo-day pitch contest. Eleven teams pitched their ideas and prototypes to judges and audience.

During the 48-hour hackathon, students were served free food and drinks and were encouraged to get sufficient sleep. Silent pitch exercises were arranged for students to ensure they get relaxation outdoor between the coding, designing and discussions.

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